We have developed stable synthetic versions of g-MSH that lasts longer with fewer side effects which after 3-5 days of proper use can naturally elevate skin 2 or 3 Fitzpatrick types. Our peptides do not cross the blood brain barrier. Our formulations allow a topical delivery that stimulates the production of melanin without the need for sunlight or UV stimulation. Teleost Biopharmaceutical, Inc. holds an exclusive 20-year license for the use of these peptides in cosmetics from the University of Arizona.

Transformational aspects: Unlike other peptide products targeting this market, our product does not need UV stimulation. This product will virtually eliminate the need for spray tans that turn people orange and tanning booths that increase cancer risks. Unlike most sunscreen lotions, our product needs no chemicals (like DHA) or stabilizers that may have harmful side effects, damage the environment, or which do not promote tanning